Lovely, minimal collages by La Paranoia.
"Drank beer," "Pizza King," and other slang that might mean your loved one is an anti-vaxxer.
"It sucks because the hiking spots [are] in these back wooded areas." What it's like to drive through a sundown town while Black.
A year ago, Ted Cruz "guaranteed" that Covid would disappear if Biden became president.

It’s an acknowledgment of my worst tic, the one where I lie in bed until 3 or 4 a.m. and pull-to-refresh, pull-to-refresh, pull-to-refresh, until Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or my email—or, in my lowest moments, Nextdoor—brings me something, anything new.

A eulogy for Google Reader and the good internet.

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"If I had not had access to drive-through voting last year, I would not have voted." This is how hard it is to vote in Texas.
The masks are off, and everyone's getting colds again.
How to future-proof a home for climate change: triple-glazed windows, underground heat pumps, and a wood-burning stove.
Researchers say keeping your phone 10 inches away from your body results in a 10,000-fold reduction in radiation exposure.
Solar panels are degraded by sunlight over time. "Doping" the silicon could make solar cells more stable and efficient.
Artist Geoff McFetridge describes his love for the outdoors. "I think I get pretty deep into things. Deep and fringe-y."
Semi-pastoral illustrations by Amber Leia Jones.
"Owls move in a buoyant manner, as if lighter than air." A naturalist captures the flight of almost 50 birds in a 1778 letter.
This is a cheesecake with capybara on top soaking in an onsen.

Recent footage of the exceptionally rare glass octopus, spotted in the remote Phoenix Islands Archipelago, north of Samoa.

During the expedition, scientists made two rare sightings of a glass octopus, a nearly transparent species whose only visible features are its optic nerve, eyeballs and digestive tract. Before this expedition, there has been limited live footage of the glass octopus, forcing scientists to learn about the animal by studying specimens found in the gut contents of predators.

Via Colossal

Researchers find that only 1.5 to 7% of the modern human genome is uniquely human.

Why should I be called “Professor Cowen,” but few people would address the person fixing their toilet as “Plumber Jones”? Aren’t we giving some professionals too much status automatically? 

Tyler Cowen: Titles are complex, and we cannot abolish them outright, “but perhaps professional titles are due for a rethink?”

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Your weekly white paper: Studies find that tipping and requirements for positive gestures drive sexual harassment in restaurants.
Up for auction: The Airstream trailer used by Tom Hanks on movie sets since 1993, complete with several espresso makers.